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what you get with 4yhealth


My goal is simply to help you lead the life you want to live. To feel you have a say in how you feel day to day, to feel that you’re in control.

Whether that means helping you lose weight, get well, improve blood sugar regulation, increase energy, sleep better, get to the bottom of your child’s behaviour/learning struggle, or just improve overall well-being I am happy to help! I am here to work together with you, to hear you, and develop a plan to rebalance your body.

As an Integrative Health Practitioner, I do not diagnose, treat, or cure disease. I work with my client to identify what the body needs in order to function optimally… what it has too much of (toxicities) and what it is lacking (deficiencies). We develop a plan to give the body what it needs and we trust the process, supporting our body to get back to proper functioning. When a body has everything it needs, it’s a healthy body, it runs properly, and the symptoms of your dis-ease have no reason to present anymore… makes sense right? That’s what we do.

4YHealth operates as a virtual practice, conducting all consultations via Skype. However, for local clients, arrangements can be discussed to meet face-to-face at an agreed upon location should the circumstances warrant it.

Functional Medicine lab testing

As an Integrative Health Practitioner, I studied under one of the leading experts in the field, Dr. Stephen Cabral. Dr. Cabral runs one of the largest wellness practices in the world in Boston, USA, and is helping people worldwide get to the root of their health issues through shipping state of the art, at home functional medicine lab tests all around the world to clients wanting answers.

Functional medicine lab testing identifies the root cause of your symptoms. There is no more guesswork. You can find out EXACTLY what is causing your body to display the symptoms you are experiencing and finally and definitively have YOUR ANSWER as to why this is happening to you.

As a student of Dr. Cabral and an ambassador of his functional medicine practice I may consider referring you to Equilibrium Nutrition (or a functional medicine practice of your choice) for lab testing if I feel your case warrants it. You would still work with me if you chose to do so, but we would have the extra data that functional medicine lab testing provides to further personalise your plan back to health.

My primary goal is get you well. Whether that comes solely through me, or with a little help from Equilibrium Nutrition does not matter to me. What matters is that you get the care that you want. I am entirely confident in the amazing results I can get for my clients without lab testing, but I make it available to anyone who wishes to pursue that route.

4YHealth Concierge Care

4YHealth aspires to deliver what I believe to be the highest level of care in the wellness and weight loss industry.

It is what I would have wanted when I was first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and bounced around different doctors looking for answers. It’s also the level of care and respect I believe all people deserve. For those looking for help with their weight or their diabetes, I have been through my own health struggles with Type 1 Diabetes, and for those seeking help with their child’s behaviour & learning, as a teacher I have seen and dealt with the struggles you no doubt experience at home… so I know where you are coming from and understand your situation.

I am genuinely here to help. As a result, outlined below is the general format every new client of mine will experience. Whether you’re coming to me for weight loss, blood sugar control, or 4 Your child’s health, will determine the exact tailored experience you receive, but all clients will receive this 12 week skeleton program to begin:

Month 1

50-60 Minute Private Consultation (Skype/phone)

  • Health history intake

  • Education on how you got here and how to heal

  • Functional Medicine Lab recommendations (if applicable)

  • Initial recommendations to begin on

  • Unlimited email and text support from me

Month 2

50-60 Minute Private Follow Up Consultation (Skype/phone)

  • Review of Month 1 plan and experiences. Revisiting initial symptoms for progress and evaluating current symptoms.

  • Adjustments to plan based on experiences and how it is fitting with your current lifestyle and schedule.

  • Design of your adjusted and Personalised 4YHealth Plan for continued progress.

  • Foundational supplement recommendations to provide your body with what it is missing to continue healing

  • Review of your new Personalised 4YHealth Plan and any questions

  • Unlimited email support from myself

  • Once a week email progress report check-in & questions with myself


Your Personalised 4YHealth Plan

A selection of the best foods for you

  • Sample meal plan template

  • Grocery food shopping guide

  • Personalized detoxification protocols

  • Recommended sleep protocols

  • Stress reduction techniques

  • Exercise recommendations

  • Individualized nutritional supplement protocol

  • Progress reports


Month 3

2 x 30 Minute Consultations (Skype/phone)

  • Unlimited email support

  • Once a week progress report with myself

  • Updates to your 4YHealth Plan as needed

  • Resources to the best products for your needs

  • Maintenance plan moving forward


experience the difference

As you can see from the program above, the step-by-step plan and support that I provide is of the highest quality. I will be with you every step of the way on your healing journey.

Plus, after your initial 12 weeks, if you and I feel that it would be beneficial to continue to work together to deepen your health, you will be invited  to continue on as a private 4YHealth Client for ongoing monthly support, recommendations, plan updates, progress reports, and much more. (Note: This is by invite only and I will speak with you about all benefits if applicable.)

Besides the results you will experience, 4YHealth clients enjoy knowing they can contact me as their Health Coach whenever they want to get the answers they can trust.


Although you are welcome to opt for individual consultations, those calls do not come with your own Personalized 4YHealth Plan or ongoing follow-up support.

Instead, one-off individual consults are meant to include answers to your immediate questions and personal recommendations on strategies you can implement going forward on your own. In limited time there is only so much I can glean about your situation, but I will always strive to deliver the best advice possible.

4Yhealth concierge MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP

The concierge health practice as stated above is a minimum of 3 months at $99 per month.

The $99 per month includes all consultations and ongoing support for those 12 weeks. This fee does not include the cost of labs you may choose to take from my recommendations, nutritional supplements, food, or any other products recommended in your Personalised 4YHealth Plan.


Nutritional supplements typically come out to be about $8-12 per day. This can be adjusted and tailored to your current budget and we will certainly discuss the use of supplements in our consultations. Keep in mind certain supplements such as a breakfast shake may possibly take the place of your current breakfast expense. Plus, with your Personalised 4YHealth Plan, you will likely find yourself spending less money on eating out and/or snacks. When it’s 4 Your Health, I like to think of it as, “you either pay now ($) or you pay later” and you may pay later with ill health and continued frustration at not leading the life you know you want for yourself.

Of course, there is also no obligation to purchase supplements, but what I have found is it is incredibly difficult to heal by food alone (initially) due to the fact that most people come in with weakened digestive and absorptive capacity.

There are no other costs besides labs and nutritional supplements unless you decide to purchase certain lifestyle products that may come up in our discussions such as Epsom salt for baths, a dry brush, etc.

Getting started

If you believe you would be a good fit for the care provided here at 4YHealth, simply click the link below to apply to be accepted into my concierge health practice.

If I believe we would make a good fit, I will set you up with everything you need to get started and for our initial Skype consult.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions by emailing and click the link below to apply today.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals soon!