You finished the Detox! COngratulations!

HOw to Avoid a retox

You’ve just gone through the 4YDetox, and have now significantly lowered your total toxic burden. Hopefully you are feeling the benefits that this can bring. Toxins cause damage to the body by:

  • Displacing structural minerals leading to weaker bones

  • Damaging DNA

  • Damaging Organs

  • Damaging cell membranes

  • Interfering with gene expression

  • Blocking or inhibiting hormones

  • Impairing detoxification

So you can see that by eliminating a lot of toxins out of your body, you’re going a long way to living longer and stronger. However, it’s important that we maintain a relatively low level of toxins now that we have achieved the results that we have.

Maintenance Detoxes

If you’re happy with the service and the results I recommend completing either 2 x 14-Day 4YDetoxes per year, or 1 x 21-Day 4YDetox per year.

Now that you know what’s involved you may even fashion your own detox, or you may even use a different functional medicine detox, which is perfectly fine. Just make sure you’re getting comparable ingredients and that you trust the source company.

Moving forward, it would be a good idea to stick close to the framework followed in detox, but with more freedom and choice.


I would still stick to mostly liquid nutrition in the mornings, however you can now begin to add fruit and fats to your shakes to make delicious smoothies! Smoothies for breakfast are the gold standard in my book. Digestion is an energy intensive process, and a liquid based breakfast in the morning saves you that energy to use for the rest of the day. I find it to be a super convenient way to get all the nutrients you need (carbs, protein, fat) all in one easy to consume, portable package, plus you get the hydration from the water and the fruits. Amazing.

Now after 3 weeks of low carb and no fruit I do not recommend jumping straight into boat loads of fruit in your smoothie. I would start off with 1 cup of berries, or a half cup of berries and a half cup of something else. You can increase up to 2-3 cups over time based on your weight goals.


The same goes for your meals in terms of carbs. If you avoided a lot of the starchy carbs during the detox to maximise weight loss, feel free to begin to add those back in, but do so gradually. I would start with adding some to your dinner and then over time begin to add in at lunch as well and then adjust from there based on how your body responds.


You do not have to continue to have a shake in the mid afternoon, but you certainly can if you feel like that works for you. Now that nuts and seeds and fruit are back on the menu, you may choose to have a handful of nuts and seeds for a snack, or a piece of fruit (not together though, fruit best eaten alone for digestive reasons).


You should have some of the supplements left as well to help you transition into using them in your daily life after the detox. I would definitely consider continuing to use a good organic plant based protein powder for your smoothies in the morning.

A greens powder is never a bad investment either, as long as it’s natural ingredients and not full of all sorts of fillers and ingredients you can’t pronounce.

If you have Detox Caps left, either feel free to continue to use them until they are finished, or save them to use as needed in your life. Maybe you have a weekend away or a holiday where you depart from your healthy habits a bit… this may be a good time to bust out the Detox Caps.