A Functional Medicine Detox is a Powerful, Scientifically Researched, Full-Body Detoxification, Weight Loss & Wellness Protocol that will benefit everyone from the chronically ill, to the health nut looking to optimise and maintain peak wellness. This is ultimately the key to addressing the underlying causes of why you look bloated and swollen and feel like "blah". A Functional Medicine Detox finally addresses the underlying root causes keeping you from enjoying the life you always wanted at the weight you always dreamed of.

I completed my first 21 day functional medicine detox in December 2018. That’s me above shamelessly showing off my stomach after the full 21 days haha.

Leading into the detox I'd had some disgusting binges (binge eating has always been a struggle for me) and had been struggling with self control and as such I was carrying a lot more puffiness than usual.⁣ Not only did I not look like I wanted, I felt like crap, I felt a salve to food and cravings, I lacked discipline and I just wasn’t happy with where I was at.

Now here I was, I'd finished my first 3 week functional medicine detox, and my stomach was flat AF. ⁣

Puffiness, gone 💥⁣
Inflammation, gone 💥⁣
Fat, gone 💥⁣

Not only did I look great, more importantly, I felt great. My cravings were completely gone. My mood and energy was improved. My productivity increased. I slept consistently and like a log. My skin cleared up. My blood sugar levels became incredibly stable. It really was a full reset and pick me up in terms of health and wellness.

I’d read about the power of a functional medicine detox, and now I had experienced it. I knew I had to provide this to others so that they could experience the transformative effects of a true detoxification protocol.

What This Is NOT

This is not a cleanse, it’s not a detox tea, it’s not a juice fast, it’s not any of those hyped, marketing based products that exist just to excite people with buzz words and make money. You see, the problem with all these products and fad diets is that they don’t address the underlying cause of why you can't lose weight, keep it off, and take back your health & vitality. They take you too far in one direction, depriving you of all sorts of foods, and are missing the key factors for what your body ultimately needs to get well.

Too many people get stuck in the cardio/exercise and dieting hole. If you have to do endless hours of exercise and dieting just to achieve some sliver of weight loss, how is that ever going to be sustainable? It’s not, and the weight will come back, time and time again. The thing that's been missing is that to enjoy the total package of health, energy, vitality, and your ideal body, you must rebalance the body. We must remove the common toxicities and inflammatory foods for a period, and at the same time provide the body with everything it needs to heal.

Why detoxification is needed

Our liver is a powerhouse. All of the blood in our body circulates through our liver every 6 minutes and our liver works tirelessly cleaning our blood of all the toxins we accumulate on a daily basis.

  • Chlorine, antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, fluoride, heavy metals, pesticides - all in tap water

  • Known cancer causing pesticides on most non-organic produce

  • Artificial chemicals in processed foods

  • Hormone disrupting plastics in a lot of our packaging

  • Poisonous mercury in our dental amalgams

  • Aluminium in our deodorants

  • Toxic flame retardants in mattresses, furniture, carpets, car seats, and lathered on airplanes.

  • Common household cleaners and cosmetic products linked to a 600% increase in asthma since 1980, rising ADD/ADHD in schools, and a 26% rise in breast cancer since 1982.

  • I could go on and on and on….

“Yes but our liver takes care of all that stuff right?”

Wrong. I want you to think about the environment when humans evolved. The environment our liver evolved to handle. Do you see any man made, toxic chemicals around? None. Now think about how long it has been in human history since we’ve really seen a boom in industry and technology and the rise of all these chemicals and pollutants. 100 years? Less?

Do you really think our liver has adapted in that time span? It’s absolutely remarkable that our liver and our body can actually withstand what we are being exposed to these days. However, it also shows that our liver needs out support. It is under an onslaught of toxins and anyone who does not practice regular detoxification has toxic build up that is affecting their health.

Need proof? Look no further than the 10 Americans study. A benchmark study by The Environmental Working Group that showed that before a baby is even born, they have approximately 287 toxic chemicals in their blood and tissues, 217 of which are neurotoxic (poisonous to nerves or nerve cells). The scary thing is, only 400 toxins were tested for, and they found 287 on average, and there’s thousands and thousands of other man made toxins in our environment that weren’t tested for. If we are born into this world toxic, do you think that gets better when we’re exposed to the world and live year after year?

what is a functional medicine detox exactly?

So how do we support our liver and how does this detox do that for us?

A Functional Medicine Detox utilises the scientific knowledge of what the liver actually requires in order to be able to do its job effectively. The image below shows how our liver actually processes toxins and makes them available for elimination from the body. You don’t need to understand all the big fancy words, but under Phase 1 and Phase 2 you’ll see the NUTRIENTS NEEDED headings. This is what we know needs to be present for this process of detoxification to fully function.


A good functional medicine detox will give you all these nutrients through diet and supplementation, allowing the liver to maximise its efficiency. At the same time, we remove a lot of the offending toxic foods and inflammatory foods to make it even easier on the liver. With a reduced load of new toxins coming in, and the firepower to clean up what’s already in the body, you can see remarkable detoxification take place. It is the combination of these nutrients, while minimising incoming toxins in the diet that holds the key to re-balancing the systems of the body that control inflammation, water retention, bloating, fat burning, and metabolism. This is ultimately the key to addressing the underlying causes of why you look bloated and swollen and feel like "blah".


Your Detox Package will come with 3 different supplements. The Detox Guide you will receive upon purchasing contains all the easy to follow instructions on how and when to use each one. You receive:

  • 100% Organic, Sprouted, Brown Rice Protein and 100% Canadian Sprouted Yellow Pea Protein powder blend (4 flavours to choose from: Chocolate, Vanilla, Salted Caramel and my personal favourite, Lemon Cheesecake)

    • 100% free of GMO product

    • Dairy free

    • Soy Free

    • Gluten Free

    • Nut Free

    • Full balanced spectrum of 18 amino acids (which cannot be gained from either in isolation)

    • Free from added dextrins and fillers

    • Free from ingredients that commonly cause allergic reactions.

  • Greens Superfood Powder - Spirulina, Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, and Chlorella

    • 100% natural, optimal source of vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants

    • Nothing but natural ingredients, with the active ingredients in the raw variant being well over 99% of the contents

    • Combines Barley and Wheat Grass for their effect on free radicals and reduction of inflammation, their levels of chlorophyll and calcium as well as general spectrum of vitamins and minerals

    • Spirulina has been included for its varied content of vitamins and minerals (particularly B-Vitamins and chelated minerals), as well as its high iron and amino acid levels.

    • Chlorella for its high density of key vitamins, macro and trace minerals, essential fatty acids, proteins, nucleic acids and antioxidants.

  • Liver Detox Support Capsules (not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women)

    • Only active ingredients and no fillers whatsoever

    • Combines N Acetyl Cysteine, Milk Thistle, Acetyl Carnitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin E

what do i get?

You choose from either a 14 or 21 Day Detox Package.

You get enough protein powder, greens powder and detox capsules to last you your entire chosen detox package, and then some. You should have some protein powder left over to help you continue your healthy eating habits after your detox.


The powders will form the basis of your detox shake, which you will have for breakfast and afternoon snack each day. With a 14-Day Detox you are effectively provided with:

  • 14 breakfasts

  • 14 afternoon snacks

  • 4 lunches

  • 4 dinners

Let’s make some estimates and say breakfast typically costs $7, a snack $3, lunch and dinner $10.

That’s $220 worth of food taken care of, or $110 per week. Which is quite a bit more than the price of the entire detox package!

Plus, you also get access to the ‘4YHEALTH +’ Private Facebook Community where you can ask questions and find support from like minded individuals. I participate regularly in the group so I’ll always be on hand to answer any questions and provide motivation and support.

You get an all-in-one detox guide with all the preparations and instructions you need plus the recommended foods to stick to throughout the detox. This is not a multiple page long document like so many other guides I see. All on ONE PAGE and easy to print and stick to your fridge, or just have saved in your phone for quick and easy reference should you need to check a food on your list quickly at the supermarket.

You receive regular emails from me with specific content timed to where you are at in your detox journey. These will have recipes, tips, reminders, encouragement and further support.

You get access to video instructions and guidelines from me for your supplements and meals.


What’s the investment?

Yes, I deliberately did not use the word “cost”. As I outlined above, you’re actually saving money on food on this detox. This truly is an investment that will pay you back in health, happiness and well-being many times over.

  • 14-Day Functional Medicine Detox - $159.00

  • 21-Day Functional Medicine Detox - $209.00 (save $29.00)

Both options come with FREE SHIPPING.

I recommend most people start with 21 days quite simply because it gets optimal results. It’s a fantastic way to fully reset your body, and then perhaps you can use a 14-Day Detox once or twice a year to maintain. I do however recognise that it is an extra commitment, with time, effort and money (even though I’ve shown you how you’re likely literally saving money during this detox), and so if you want to start with the 14-Day Detox, you will still see amazing results.

what can you expect?

Keep in mind results will vary based on how much weight you actually have to lose, but these are typical results:

  • 14-Day Detox: Lose 4-5 kgs

  • 21-Day Detox: Lose 6-7+ kgs

You can also customise the detox to not lose any weight at all if you’re happy with your current weight and just want the health benefits that re-balancing your body with a detox brings. Speaking of, these are some of the big benefits you can expect:

  • Boosted mood

  • Improved sleep

  • Reduced cravings

  • Reduced brain fog & improved thinking

  • Decreased bloating and water retention

  • Lose weight and speed up metabolism

  • Increase in energy

  • Decreased inflammation and pain