4yDetox Thank You gifts

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Interconnected Docuseries

A riveting new series about the microbiome (the life in your gut). Science is now discovering that the trillions of bacteria and viruses in our bodies act like a missing organ that interconnects with all the others. So many chronic diseases we know of today are massively influenced by the microbiome.

I missed some of the episodes for download and no longer have access to them. Below I have shared episodes 1, 5-10. They are non sequential so the missing episodes don’t matter all that much.


Broken Brain 1 & 2

I’m giving you access to my paid membership.


Email: ryan_b88@live.com

Pw: 4yhealth 

This series covers topics like dementia, ADHD, autism, TBI, depression, anxiety, and many others.

Discover how things like environmental toxins, immune health, heart health, toxic beliefs, and much much more can sabotage our brains and what we can do to reclaim our health in this groundbreaking docu-series.

This is where you have access to view and download all Broken Brain 1 & 2 episodes, over 100 extended expert interviews, patient testimonials, audio-only MP3s, and transcripts.

The 6 Phase Meditation MP3s

This is the meditation I do every morning and it is the method that finally stuck for me. I’d been trying to develop a daily meditation practice for years and this is the one that made it stick. Perfect for beginners because it starts out super short and easy. You progress from about 2-3 mins on Day 1, to 17 mins on Day 6, and then you’re all set up for daily practice…17 mins a day is all it takes.