Wish You Could Feel Better & Energised Day-to-Day? 10 Nutritional Fixes For You [Part 1]


There is no fluff here. Each one of these works and is foundational for change. I’m not going to go into the science of why in this article (and lets face it, you don’t really want to know the why, you just want to know it works and how to do it), so you gotta trust me on this one. You do these things, you WILL feel a remarkable difference. Hell, you do ONE of these things regularly and you WILL feel a remarkable difference. Let’s get to it:

The majority of liquids that go into your mouth should be water. Yes, water, you know that thing that gives us life and we need to drink to stay alive? Yeh, it’s pretty amazing for you. Drink it, often.

Practical Tip - If plain water ain’t your thing, you can opt for tea. Most of my water comes from tea throughout the day. Aim for your body weight in kilograms x 33 for the amount of mls you should be drinking per day. So for me at 80 kg... 80 x 33 = 2640 ml = 2.64 L/day. Find yourself a water bottle you know the capacity of and aim to drink however many of them you need to fill your daily requirement.


You know those horrible looking things on your plate you were forced to eat as a kid? They’re called vegetables, and surprise surprise, they’re actually FREAKING AMAZING for you! Most of your food should come from vegetables. Eat them, often.

Practical Tip - Click Here to get a 1 page handout of the Dirty Dozen/Clean 15 which shows which produce you should be looking to buy organic and which are fine to eat normally. Shooting for 2-3 cups of vegetables per meal. This typically looks like 3/4 of your plate or bowl is vegetables. Start with 1 cup, at 1 meal, if you’re not a regular vegetable eater and work your way up.



Berries, berries, berries. You want to be having lots of low GI fruits. Think avocado, think kiwi fruit, think cherries (organic, cherries are on the Dirty Dozen), green apples, and you guessed it….BERRIES. Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries (organic, Dirty Dozen), raspberries, all the berries.

Practical Tip - I do 1 cup of frozen berries in my breakfast smoothie every morning. Smoothie not your thing? Use berries for your snacks between meals when you get hungry. Gives you that sweetness you’re craving. I know berries can be expensive, I find frozen berries much more affordable and frozen is perfectly fine.


Now I’m gonna seem like I’m repeating myself here, but…FRUITS AND VEGETABLES!!! 60-80% of your diet should be fruits and vegetables. There’s a bazillion studies that these things work, that they prolong life, that they’re anti-cancer, it’s just not debatable, at all.

Practical Tip - What does this look like? Look at a plate, divide into 4 sections. At least 2 of those and ideally 3 of those sections should be vegetables. If you’re vegetables portion of your plate takes up a small section, you’re doing it wrong. If you’re steak takes up your whole plate, you’re doing it wrong.



You’ve just woken up, you’ve fumbled for the alarm and now you gotta get ready for work. STOP! Don’t you dare go rushing around on me to make sure you get out the door in time. START YOUR DAY SLOW.

Rushing = Stress. Stress = Poor Digestion. This means no heavy breakfasts, no heavy fats/proteins. Don’t even get me started on cereal and milk. These are energy intensive, hard foods to digest. You want energy? You wanna save a few dollars and not need that coffee? Give yourself a liquid based breakfast (smoothie, soup, oats) and keep that 30% of your total daily energy (digestion can account for 30% of daily energy expenditure) that would have gone towards digesting your bacon and eggs or your processed cereal and milk. As long as you include adequate carbs, proteins, fats in your liquid based meal, you won’t go hungry. With a more liquid based meal, the digestive work is already done, it doesn’t need to be broken down like solid food. This is why I believe a smoothie is so great for breakfast. So easy to include all your carbs (fruit, oats), fats (avocado, nut butter, coconut cream, flax seeds, chia seeds) and protein (powder) and blend it all up together.


Tomorrow we’ll go over 6-10, but don’t wait to start taking action. I want you to pick ONE of these 5 and start implementing it NOW. We all know the saying “tomorrow never comes” and we’ve all fallen victim to it one time or another. Don’t let this be one of those times. You deserve the benefits these habits can give you. You deserve to feel energetic and full of life. You deserve to have the body you want. A healthy body simply can NOT be overweight, so make a step towards getting that body of yours healthy and feel the benefits. It’s 4 Your Health.