The Mistake That Could Be Costing You More Than You Think...

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Cereal EVERY DAMN DAY, boy did I love me some cereal when I was a kid. The combination of cold milk and that sweet crunch from the cereal really did it for me. Fruit Loops, Frosties, Just Right, Cheerios, Coco Pops, ahhh the sweet, sweet (quite literally) memories.

You see, the thing is, as far as I knew, this was just what you did for breakfast. Breakfast meant cereal and milk, that’s just what it was. I was just a kid, cereal was all I’d known, and I can’t blame my parents... it’s what most of friends ate, it’s all you would see on TV, it’s what you would see everywhere on the shelves in supermarkets… we just didn’t know any better. How was I ever going to choose anything else? Especially when it tasted so goddamn good!

I was just talking to my brother about how he still eats cereal for breakfast because it’s so convenient and it is delicious. I get it, I think cereal is delicious too, I just know better. I know it’s not giving me the nutrients I need, I know the processed food and sugar in combination with the dairy from milk is going to wreak havoc on my gut and my energy. So I’m happy to report my brother is now going to try out what I suggest to EVERYONE and that is a Daily Breakfast Smoothie.

Fast forward from cereal loving kid me, to grown up me living out in the world and making my own decisions. I’ve learned enough to move away from cereal, and my regular breakfast is now a 4-6 egg omelette with spinach (always spinach, can’t get me enough of that beautiful leaf) and if something else like a capsicum or cherry tomatoes happened to be discounted that week, it might get a run in the omelette too. At this point, I think I’m absolutely killing this whole breakfast thing…I’ve got it down, it’s healthy AF…and most of my friends would agree and make comments about it and I’d get a nice little ego boost. Protein + healthy fat from the eggs, veges, and NO CARBS. I was the BREAKFAST KING...or so I thought.


Once, again, I’d got it wrong. Now don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying an egg and veggie omelette is bad, far far from it. It kicks cereals butt a million times over, and then kicks it some more, and puts a sign on it’s butt saying “kick me” so other people kick it too. Cereal can just f*ck right off as far as I am concerned. So what was I doing wrong?


It was only recently, when I started learning about integrative health and the diet component, that I learned of a more optimal breakfast. Something I believe should be had by the majority of people on the planet. Something that I’m now passionate about sharing and will likely be the last breakfast change I make. I’m talking about a fresh, juicy, delicious, actually healthy AF….SMOOTHIE! I may just love my breakfast smoothie more than kid me loved a big ass bowl of Coco Pops. What’s so great about a smoothie for breakfast I hear you ask? Feast your eyes on this:

1. Hydrating - You’ve just gone 7-8 (hopefully) hours overnight without any water for your body. What does your body live on? What does your body need to function properly? What makes up 70% of our body? Water! Your typical smoothie is going to give you around 500 ml (20 oz) of water upon waking to get you hydrated again.


2. Energy - Up to 30% of you daily energy is expended on digestion…30 freaking percent! A smoothie is liquefied, it’s essentially pre-digested. Suddenly your body doesn’t have to spend all this energy on digestion first thing in the morning. That means extra energy for you to use to start your day, plus you just saved yourself some money on a coffee. You shouldn’t need to rely on a coffee to just get through your morning. Wouldn’t it great to be buzzing without it? Now, remember that “healthy” omelette I was having? I was introducing heavy, hard to break down, solid proteins and fats into a fasted stomach. This immediately put my gut to work, unknowingly sapping me of energy I could be using to kick start my day.

3. Nutrition - Smoothies are so customisable that you can get exactly the nutrition you want from your breakfast. Essentially you want as many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as you can get. You also want to hit each of your macronutrients ie. carbs, protein, fats. For me, this means berries (the mainstay, berries are so damn good, just use them, just do it), other fruits (any combination of banana, kiwi, pineapple, peach, mango, coconut, whatever works for you), protein powder (I use an organic non GMO vegan based protein (Aussie friends CLICK HERE if you’re interested in what I use)), healthy fats (avocado, coconut oil/cream, chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, 100% nut butter), veggies (a cup of leafy greens, or your preferred greens powder), and last but not least, the all important WATER (you can use a nut milk too if you like, just ideally steer clear of cow’s milk (why?)). There are so many different combinations of fruits and fat sources and protein flavours that you can never get sick of it. I’m finding new flavour combos all the time and I love it!


4. Convenience - Most people are rushing around in the morning trying to get out the door for work. Which is why there are so many people gulping down some easy cereal, or skipping breakfast altogether. I mean, who has time to cook a up a proper healthy meal for breakfast? So here’s what you do…grab your cup, pour in a cup of berries, add a scoop of protein powder, a banana perhaps, pour in some coconut cream/oil, add your handful of greens or powder, blend that baby up, pour into your bottle and you’ve got a drink you can run out the door with.

5. Taste - This is the thing that keeps me coming back. These smoothies just taste SO goddamn GOOD! You get yourself a nice flavoured protein powder, the righto combo of fruits, and all of a sudden breakfast tastes like dessert! It’s how I convinced my brother to jump on board the smoothie train. I know he has a sweet tooth like me and his exact words were, “dessert for breakfast sounds good to me, I’m in.” So if you’ve got a sweet tooth like me, you are going to want to drink this (healthy) dessert every damn day. And you should.

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